DVD Authoring Services, DVD encoding, menu design and authoring services.

About DVD Factory Family

DVD Factory is one stop full service all in house facility

DVD Factory owns and operates state of the art replication systems. all of our replication machines are high temperature polycarbonate injection molders' that can produce between 400-900 discs per hour.

Customization and Personalization.

Because DVD Factory services are all done in house and together with our experienced technicians DVD Factory can offer customization on all of our services.

Experience customer service representatives are ready to assist you.

DVD Factory offers literally thousands different options and configuration on every service, you might want to know what's best for your project and or budget. Our customer service representatives are here to assist you with every question, concerns or to explain the options between different services.

We offer unbeatable pricing on a wide variety of authoring services.

We routinely complete authoring projects for clients where quality is critical.
Depending on what your needs may be, we at DVD Factory are confident in the final product.