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Blu-ray Replication

About Blu-ray(BD)

Blu-ray disc was design by Sony together with Philips, Panasonic and TDK. In 2000 Sony release the first DVR-Blue prototype and in 2001 the Blu-ray project was announce as Blu-ray disc. The first Blu-ray Players were release in 2006. More and more consumers are discovering the flawless quality high definition video, superior surround sound capability and large amount of storage Blu-ray disc has to offer.

Blu-ray Replication with extensive quality control

DVD Factory added Blu-ray replication and mastering services to our array of services.
We offer BD-25 single layer or BD-50 dual layer Blu-ray replication services.

Customizable and Personalized Replication

Give your Project personalized look and feel with eye catching design using colors, shapes typefaces and layout to accentuate your message. Full color printing would help you get the results you want.

We offer unbeatable pricing on a wide variety of replication Services.

We routinely complete replication projects for clients where quality is critical.
Depending on what your replication needs may be, we at DVD Factory are confident in the final product.