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CD Replication

About Compact Disc(CD)

All though DVD's is the most popular option for digital media storage CD's remains one's of the most commonly and reliable used form of media storage. CD is used most notably as music storage and software distribution.

DVD Factory extensive quality control process insure flawless glass master

Compact Disc Replication requires the making of a glass master also known as stamper from the original disc. a Stamper is produced in class 100 or better clean room.

Customizable and Personalized CD Replication

Give your CD personalized look and feel with eye catching design using colors, shapes typefaces and layout to accentuate your message. Full color printing would help you get the results you want.

We offer unbeatable pricing on a wide variety of CD replication Services.

We routinely complete replication projects for clients where quality is critical.
Depending on what your replication needs may be, we at DVD Factory are confident in the final product.